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Dwarf Artillery

WKD-45 Dwarf Artillery Crew

A set of generic artillery crew, for use with whatever warmachine seems suitable.


The set was previewed on White Knight Miniature Imperium July, 2014.


The set of 5 miniatures, 3 with optional heads and the comes with several tool hand options. Cast in metal.

Poses (separate heads)

Single-piece casts

Separate heads

WKD-46 Dwarf Hackbut and Crew

Theis dwarf inventor is armed with a hackbut/swivelgun that will wreak havoc on the battlefield. The Gunner is a single-piece cast. Hackbut consist of 3 different parts.

For "production" a "Spotter" was added re-using a body from WKD-02 Dwarf Core Infantry Set #2 (body 3) and a head and commander arms from the WKD-45 Dwarf Artillery Crew.



WKD-47 Dwarf Hackbut Gunner, without spotter

WKD-48 Dwarf Hackbut Spotter, without gunner

Dwarf Characters

WKD-50 Dwarf Inventor with Sniper-gun

WKD-51 Dwarf Inventor with Handgrenade

Dwarf Civilians

WKD-80 Dwarf Maids

2 different heads, 2 identical bodies, 4 sprues of accessories.

WKD-81 Dwarf Floozie

Dwarf Oddities

Conversions of core Dwarf Infantry figures done by WK. And as he said: "done with more enthusiasm than talent". Not sure I will agree to that :)

WKD-70: Dwarf Stretcher Party

2 stretcherbearer bodies, 2 heads, wounded dwarf, stretcher, arrow half sprue and hat.

WKD-71: Dwarf Ammo Team/Petard Team

2 carrier bodies, 2 heads, wooden litter, ammo case, petard and hat.

WKD-72 Wounded Dwarf

The wounded dwarf from WKD-70 on his own.

WKD-73 Dwarf Guard with Halberd/Spear


Extra Dwarf heads

WKDH-01 Dwarf Heads 1

The 8 heads from the Dwarf Core Infantry Set #1

WKDH-02 Dwarf Heads 2

The 8 heads from the Dwarf Core Infantry Set #2

WKDH-03 Dwarf Heads 3

The 8 heads from the Dwarf Light Cavalry set

WKDH-20 Dwarf heads (Sallets)

8 heads all wearing Sallet helmets - a conversion of original heads but done by WK

WHDH-21 Dwarf Heads

9 new heads, conversions of original heads all done by WK. A few of them where later found in the Stretcher party/Ammo team (WKD-70/WKD-71)

Dwarf Weapons and Accessories

WHDC-01 Weapon packs

You had 6 Sheathed Swords, 3 Pouches and 1 Knife