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Puck's Dance imps

Peaseblossom, a flying pig, playing a lute and Mustard Seed, a hedgehog, playing the trumpet. Both are small imps from John Pickford's entry in the 2007 Frothers Unite Sculpting Contest "The Unseelie Suspects"] . Do check out the 2007 FU UK! Sculpting Contest - page for a lot more history regarding this awesome piece.

The hole diorama was later generously donated by WK and released in full by Clam Miniatures.

WKHS-01 Peaseblossom

WKHS-02 Mustard Seed

WKHS-05 Rubber Ducks

Unreleased/limited stuff

Goblin heads

Long time ago, perhaps even before the Foundry Goblins were started John did WK a set of Goblin heads that could be used as replacements on various goblins (plastic multi parts). The heads was never put into production, though. I have been gifted with this awesome little set of heads, and they will be very useful in my Foundry Goblin project.