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The WK Dwarf range is so extensive that it is divided into the following sub-pages:

Back in 2010 White Knight started a personal project involving John Pickford - as John was to build him an "Empire" - or a renaissance styled fantasy dwarfs army.

In 2011, the first of these miniatures was cast by "the Mould Maker" ( and made "commercially" available through the White Knights Miniature Imperium site. WK had big plans for this army project and he have had an extensive army built. There has been way to many WIPs and finished greens shown for me to document in here so if you're interested seeing, check out the White Knight Miniature Imperium - blog for all of those. But I will do my best to dokument all the casted Pickford-pieces.

And don't forget to take a look at the Hors Série, too - as there is a few Pickford gems to be found in there, too.

In December 2015, WK moved the production and distribution of the Imperial dwarf range to The Assault Group (TAG). However, before the move WK had shown a few greens of coming expansions like the elite cavalry and some foot-knights. These are added in here. But do see TAG for even more Dwarf Empire world building.