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Besides building fantasy armies WK has a great passion for 80s ultra modern and science fictional classic boy toys like action man, GI Joe and lately he public confessed a passion for He.Man and Master of the Universe (MotU). And we all know such passions. They start as collecting, you then want to game it and soon you run find out you need building your own gaming pieces. You cant just be playing He-Man against Skeletor or She-Ra against Evil-Lyn, can you?

The venture is centred around the old Grenadier Models range and MotU-Heroclix

So why not ask you personal sculptor for help creating those pieces?

Disclaimer: WK has kindly given me permission showing of his and John's private works. Non of these miniatures will ever get cast and sold - but I still think that their work belong here in this wiki.

And if you want to know more about this madness - check it out here:

Forces of Evil



Conversion of an old Grenadier Models Battle Cat

Master cast


Conversions based on Carnivorous Apes sculpted by Jo Brumby from Otherworld Miniatures.

These beasts are available for White Knights Miniature Imperium.


Master cast


Based on a 54mm Andrea Miniatures' Dagor, Ancient Fury

Aroo (Demon)

Based on an Eaglemoss Grodd statue (about 120mm tall)

Tyrantisaurus Rex

Conversion based on a Heroclix T-rex


Sky Sled (evil warrior version

Converted from a Grenadier Models Battleram (MotU)


Master cast