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Sci-Fi Pig Faced Orks (Sporks) - the Myth

John has done a range of of Pig Faced Orks in Space with the working title "Sporks". The ranges consists of several sculpts and war gear items, but the range is still unreleased by Foundry.

For a long time the only proof of their existence has been this picture from Foundry:

However, at Christmas 2015 I found these 3 sculpts in a parcel from Foundry, making up for a small delay. I was very excited seeing them and feel we are one step closer seeing them released.

In march 2016 James Halloway of Gonzo History: Gaming Edition showed his collection at his blog. What a magnificent sight it was. James had at BOYL 2015 (an Oldhammer/Foundry event in August 2015) been given a set of 15 Foundry Space Orks and I've got the permission showing them here.

After a visit at Wargames Foundry - April 2016- and a brief chat with Bryan regarding the Sporks Axiom (Colony 87) kindly provided these pictures:

Sci-Fi Pig Faced Orks - the collection

April 2017 ... I'm now the proud owner of the following Sporks (but have added the obvious missing Sporks, to the collection guide.

Command group

Sporks with laser pistols

Assault weapon Sporks

Heavy weapon Sporks

Heavy weapons team

Sporks with jumb-packs