Collecting John Pickford Wiki

I 2019 blog-writer, wargamer, hobby enthusiast and painter extraordinaire Mr. Thomas Grove/airbornegrove26 (of the fantastic "Give 'em Lead"-blog) commissioned John doing him a personal conversion head set for converting TAG/White Knight Imperial Dwarf Knights into 'Chaos Dwarf Blood Dragons' (yes, Dwarf Vampires). And what a stunning outcome it is.

The heads are based on some amazing concept sketches done by Mustafa Bekir of Spevna Studio.

The heads haven't been cast so will be unique to Thomas army. The green/brown stuff mix John is using is strong but can also be brittle, so Thomas, please be careful with them, will you? - as you ar sitting on a piece of history here :)

With permission from Thomas I'm allowed showing his little project off on here - but go check his blog post and see them nicely painted too.