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The Oldschool Miniatures are divide into the following sub-sections:

Oldschool Miniatures, The OS Miniatures Company or maybe the Old Hammer Miniature Company Limited? Yes they are known by many names but I shall use their facebook site name (where they started out): The OS Miniatures Company or simply just the abbreviation 'OSM'.

In 2016 OSM set out to bring us new toys with an old-school vibe. The company picked up the Bottom's Up Daemon Cannon project and took it to Kickstarter. The Kickstarter was successfully funded on November 1st 2016 and the cannon got remoulded with small changes to help casting. Also, an alternative demonic head was made for the Kickstarter.

The Cannon got delivered to backers in February 2017.

And since then, they have had quite a few successful Kickstarters and new releases, many of them involved John Pickford - and their expansions and collaboration with John continues.

In 2021 I (Clam Miniatures) made a deal with OSM regarding taking over sale and distribution of my Ewal Dvergar range. To complete the transfer OSM ran a Kickstarter getting them into full production including plans for expanding the range. The campaign was successfully funded back in 31th March 2022 and were released in 2023.

You'll find their entire range here: