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The Legacy Team is an annual event at the (TFF). The Legacy Team is a painting event that have been running for more than 10 years now. Each participant paints up a race-specific miniature and then a lottery is held to draw a winner - to see who gets the team. The last few years, Jon "Axiom" Boyce (Beast Face Miniatures /The Gaming Cantina) has be helping organising the event and he have had a few "participants exclusives" made.

The Legacy Team 2012[]

TFF Legacy 2012 Football

The Legasy Team 2013[]

The race for the 2013 Team was "Halflings" - so what better excuse could there be for having John doing a Halfling Chef. And he didn't stop there - no, the little Chef comes with camp fire and a ball on a roasting stick, too. 25 resin cast have been made and mainly given to the participants of the 2013 event.

A very limited number of metal castings also exists.

The Legacy Team 2014[]

TFF Legacy 2014 Nurgling feasting. Limited miniature for the 2014 event. Cast in resin by Zealot Miniatures