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Fantasy Characters

Dwarf Wenches

Marked as Dwarf Civilians in the WK range. At TAG the jointed the Fantasy Characters range.

These were also added to the TAG freebie program (pick a free miniature if you spend X amount of money)

DEM-a Dwarf Maid

Previously packed as: WKD-80 Dwarf Maids

DEM-b Dwarf Floozie

Previously packed as: WKD-81 Dwarf Floozie.

Fantastic Beasts (Dwarven Mounts)


DEM071 Dwarven Ponies, unarmoured

DEM072 Dwarven Ponies, armoured



Before the TAG move WK gave preview of the first two Landgriffons.

At TAG another two variants were made and here they are:

In addition to the plumes already shown with the original 2 landgriffon greens, there will be themed headcrests for the griffons to go with the knights of the white boar (Boar) and the templars of the God of Death riders (later Lieb).


DEM088 Robin Goblin Muncher (Land Griffon I)

DEM089 Jack Orc Ripper (Land Griffon II)

DEM090 Killer Polly (Land Griffon III)

DEM091 Agent Starling (Land Griffon IV)

Huge bears

These has also been released under the TAG banner through a Kickstarter called: TAG - Dwarf Empire Bear Knights mounted on HUGE bears using original Bear Knights (see DEM0409-DEM051).

DEM095 Theodore Stieff (Huge bear I)

DEM096 ‘Skin’um alive’ Clive (Huge bear II)

DEM097 ‘Boring’ Bjorn the Brown (Huge bear III)

DEM098 Grizzly Gaz (Huge bear IV)

Owl Bears

In May 2023 TAG ran another Kickstarter the: TAG - Owl Bear miniatures using converted Huge Bears as basis for the new Owl Bears. The Owls got delivered July 2023.

DEM099 Barney Grimclaw (Owl Bear I)

DEM100 Owlvira Katyogol Cub (Owl Bear II)

DEM101 Huitica the Huntress (Owl Bear III)

DEM102 Ceann Cait Hammerpaw (Owl Bear IV)

Halfling Militia

The Halfling Militia is another range from White Knight Miniature Imperium carried over to TAG. The Halflings Militia is sculpted by Juan Montaño, but in 2015 John did some beautiful conversions on a prototype Rooster originally sculpted by Brad Shier (see also WKs blog).

The Rosters have been used as mounts for the halfling light cavalry and randomly packed i yellow blisters labelled "HML001-HML008 Halfling Light Cavalry":


Brad Shier's prototype

Johns conversions

Dwarf Wizard (Kickstarter exclusive)

During the Kickstarter Campaign: "TAG - Dwarf Empire Bear Knights mounted on HUGE bears" a dwarf wizard on foot was offered as a freebie if the campaign reached £2,000 and luckily it did. Only 27 people backed this, so their are probably not a lot of these wizards floating around. Apparently, this mystery wizard has been sculpted by John Pickford. I've had one in my collection in years. The Wizard pays homage to a certain unreleased Citadel Wizard - only ever seen on a Citadel Combat card. On the card itself the dwarf wizard was named: "Harrig the Wise"