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In 2016 Shortwars acquired the entire Hasslefree Miniatures Pickford range (including the four miniatures from the original Twisted Tales range).

And for a period they could be bought from Shortwars web-site, but they seem to have closed it down again. If you need anything here, I'd suggest contacting Jason Lye on social media and hear if any of these are still available.

Goblin Queen Diorama¹

Dave the Goblin Slayer

Goblin Pulling Pot / Gordon, Angry Goblin Chef Swinging a Pot

Hot pot is actually sculpted by Sjoerd Trouwee.


Orc Shaman

Orc with Hammer

Orc with Axe

1) The Goblin Queen Diorama was an entry for the 2005 FU UK! Sculpting Contest: "Female miniatures... that women would buy". Find out more at the Various Sculpting Compatition Entries