Collecting John Pickford Wiki

Painting of various White Knight Miniatures Imperium (that TAG later took up and expanded).

White Knight Miniatures Imperium[]

Dwarfs on foot[]

Dwarfs with pole weapons[]

Orange and green

Yellow and blue

Dwarf duelist on foot[]

A conversion using infantry and Dwarf Pistoliers bits.

Dwarf Zweihänder Sergeant[]

Dwarfs on ponies[]

A knight with Lance[]

A conversion of one the WKD-20: Dwarf Pistoliers on Ponies into a Lance Knight

Dwarf pirates[]

Heavily converted WK dwarfs to create a pirate warband suitable with the Champion from the Citadel RRD1 Bugman's Dwarf Rangers set.

Hors Série[]

Peaseblossom and Mustard Seed[]

Mustard Seed


The Assault Groupe (TAG)[]

Dwarf Empire[]

TAG Dwarf Wizard[]

This miniatures was revealed as a sculpt by John Pickford and given as a freebie to the backers of the TAG - Dwarf Empire Bear Knights mounted on HUGE bears Kickstarter. I was gifted a copy of this master piece back in ... 2012? - and I painted him in 2017.