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Probably the job that lifted John from 'just another miniature sculptor' till one of the absolute best fantasy sculptors (if not the best). The combination of Richard Scott's high ambitions and John's enormous talent - the duo has been such a joy following. Those two keep on surprising us - and have moved the limits of what can/and can not be done miniature wise.

John has done a huge amount of the awesome Otherworld Miniatures.

In summer 2024, Richard decided its time for his retirement. It's so well deserved. Most miniatures will find new homes, I'm sure. I'll try and keep the "List of new ownership" up-to-date.

Otherworld 2006-2018

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Otherworld 2018-2023

In 2018 we saw a major re-organisation of the Otherworld ranges and a lot of the Pickford piece disappeared from the official ranges. Luckily, most of those disappearing miniatures are finding new homes.

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Otherworld 2024 (Closing)

Richard Scott on Facebook, 3rd July 2024:

"SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH! Hi All, As you are probably aware, I am about to close down the Otherworld Miniatures webstore before retiring this summer." ...

... "So, what next? Well, I’m looking forward to miniatures and gaming being my hobby again instead of my job. I have a lot of painting and modelling to do, and plans for an epic D&D campaign. I’ll be doing some travelling again, learning to play my guitar properly, and getting to grips with the wild bits of our garden and the crumbling bits of our house.

As for the Otherworld Miniatures range, it will live on in the hands of several different new owners. The majority of the range has found new homes already, and I’ll be looking for new owners for the rest of the models over the next few months."

..."I can’t release that info yet, but I will publish a full list of the line’s new owners as soon as I am able."

I'll try and updated the above mentioned "List of new ownerships" if more Pickfords find new homes.