Probably the job that lifted John from 'just another miniature sculptor' till one of the absolute best fantasy sculptors (if not the best). The combination of Richard Scott's high ambitions and John's enormous talent - the duo has been such a joy following. Those two keep on surprising us - and have moved the limits of what can/and can not be done miniature wise.

John has done a huge amount of the awesome Otherworld Miniatures and continually adds to the range.

You'll find Otherworld here at Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld 2006-2018

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G Series - Giants

BS5 The Otherworld Giant

Otherworld 2018-

In 2018 we saw a major re-organisation of the Otherworld ranges and a lot of the Pickford piece disappeared from the official ranges.

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  • DM - Dungeon Monsters
  • HT - Humanoid Tribes
  • WE - Wilderness Encounterse

Official Barrowmaze Miniatures - BM Series

This is a range of miniatures for Greg Gillespie’s ‘Barrowmaze’ RPG setting. The miniatures for Barrowmaze were also incorporated in the regular Otherworld lines. For Borrowmaze John has done the:

DM31 – Mongrelmen

Unreleased Miniatures

  1. Mimics are based on one of the Large Treasure Chests I sculpted by Paul Muller for Otherworld Miniatures