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WE - Wilderness Encounters (2018 - )

WE10 - Spiders[]

WE10a – Large Spiders v2[]

Single-piece casts.

WE10b Huge Spider I[]

Previously labelled Huge Spider III and numbered WE10e.

WE10c Huge Spider II[]

Previously labelled Huge Spider IV and numbered WE10f.

WE10d Giant Spider[]

Previously labelled Giant Spider II and numbered WE10g.

WE11 - Shambling Mound[]

WE13 - Treant[]

A multi-piece casting (9 parts). It measures 64mm to the eyes and 105mm to the top of the upper branches.

WE20 - Giant Scorpion[]

A multi-piece casting (4 parts). It measures around 60mm in length, and fill out a 40mm plastic base.

WE30 - Giant Leeches[]

Renumbered from DV5

WE36 Hydra[]

Re-numbered from WE24