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WE Series - Wilderness Encounters

WE10 - Spiders

WE10a – Large Spiders v2

These models, released in December 2015, replace an early version sculpted by Pedro Navarro.

WE10e Huge Spider III

WE10f Huge Spider IV

WE10g Giant Spider II

WE11 - Shambling Mound

WE13 - Treant

WE20 - Giant Scorpion

WE20 - Giant Scorpions v.1

Bought at Salute 2013. These Giant Scorpions is sculpted by Pedro Navarro, but John was then asked to add more texture to them. For sale in 2013, but replaced later one with a new all John sculpt.

WE20 - Giant Scorpion

WE22 Landshark

WE24 Hydra

WE30 Giant Stag Beetle

Flying conversion kit