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OG Series - Ogres

Ogre Warriors

OG1 - Ogre Warrior I

This figure stands at 45mm tall (to the eyes) and it is a 3-part metal casting.

Based body:

OG2 - Ogre Warrior II

This figure stands at 47mm tall (to the eyes), and it is a 2-part metal casting.

Based body:

OG3 - Ogre Warrior III

The third Ogre Warrior is carrying an axe and has a large sack thrown over his shoulder. He is 48mm tall to the eyes and is cast as a 2-part metal model.

Based body:

OG4 - Ogre Chieftain

The Ogre Chieftain is armed with a huge mace and is partially armoured. He is 50mm tall to the eyes and is cast as a 2-part metal model.

Only documented assembled as he was built and painted before immediately after purchasing it and I began focusing on this wiki. So sorry, however I will try find another metal one.

You'll find my painted copy here.

OG5 – Ogress

The Ogress is a hideous one, armed with a meat cleaver and carrying a sack over her shoulder. She is a 2-piece metal model.

Based body:


OG7 - Ogre Mage

The Mage stands at 54mm tall to the eyes, he is a 4-part metal model.

Based body: