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KB series - Kobolds

Kobolds also got released as a Boxed Set labelled BS4 - Kobold Tribe with all 26 models.


Kobold Warriors

The Kobold Warriors were classic Pickford mix'n'match miniatures with separate hand weapons, spears and shields.

Later on, the range underwent some minor re-modelling later on, to allow all models to be cast more easily. They were now all single-part castings which require no assembly.

In here you'll find the original multi parted ones.

KB1 – Kobold Warriors I

KB2 – Kobold Warriors II

KB3 – Kobold Warriors III

KB1 - KB3 Pose variants

As showed in the "greens" section, tThe different Kobold warriors are all conversions done using the initial five miniature s from Warrior I. Here are a comparison of the small variant between the packs:

KB4 - Kobold Command

These were mostly single-part castings which required no assembly, but the sub-chief had a separate weapon arm.

KB5 – Kobold Tribal Pack

This pack of 6 figures represented the females and children from a small band of kobolds. The set consisted of 2 female kobolds, armed with a cleaver and a frying pan, and 4 juvenile kobolds of various ages.

These are single-part castings which require no assembly. They vary from 5-16mm tall.