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G Series - Giants

Originally cast as a limited metal giant. First came a limited master cast run in a batch of 30. Each copy was numbered. Thereafter a metal production giant were commercially available from OW till 2016.

In 2016 the giant was converted into a resin cast.

The giant went out of production in 2018.

The Otherworld Giant is using the product-code BS5, indicating it being a Boxed set rather than ordinary G-series giant. But it has always been part of the "G - Giants"-sections:

Other BS codes:

  • BS1 - Pig faced Orc Tribe (10) - Kew Adams
  • BS2 - The Giant Alliance (4 - Fire, Hill, Stone and Forest giants) - Paul Muller
  • BS3 - Hobgoblin War Party (18) - Kev Adams
  • BS4 - Kobold Tribe (26) - John Pickford

BS5 The Otherworld Giant


Metal production cast



Hands, arms and legs:



Box and instructions:

BS5a – Otherworld Giant Accessories Pack

5 pewter-cast accessories designed to embellish the belt of the BS5 Otherworld Giant, but also available separately. The pack consists of a sack, treasure bag, brace of pigs, beer barrel and a treasure chest.