In here, you'll find miniatures from my private collection, primarily. I now have quite a few of these gems here in my possessions (by the courtesy of Mr. Pickford himself), but some of them are so rare and are only in the hands of the creator himself.

Most of the miniatures were made for fun, and have been used as conceptual or promotional pieces - but as you can see there are some rather wonderful miniatures in there, that surely had deserved a better faith:

Donald and Mickey

These might be the very first sculpts John ever did - and he have kindly donated them to my cause and have let me show them here.

Donald Duck

Painter by John, too.

Mickey Mouse


Goblin King and Jester

Almost like a supplement to the Goblin Queen Diorama from the 2005 FU UK! Sculpting Contest: "Female miniatures... that women would buy" .

Goblin Commandos

Goblin King and Shieldbearers

Goblin Warriors

Goblin with spear

Female Goblin Warrior with sword


"Lance-a-little" is one of Johns first figures. "Lance-a-little" was originally going to be a promo model for "Gamer's Quest" but then the business got sold and the model was never produced.

Goblin Fanatic

This miniature was never released due to casting issues - and there is only 2 castings in existence.

Goblin on dead Dwarf

Very victorious greenskin sitting on his slain arc enemy. Might be the only cast in existence.

Other Goblins

Goblin Santa

Burdened Goblin



Orc King on Dragon (Wargames Foundry)

For long, I thought the story of John Pickford doing a Dragon was nothing but a Myth, but I was utterly wrong. Cause, there is indeed "a Dragon". And a magnificent one it is, too. A beautiful scaled dragon with a unique, squig-like, dragon head, a fantastic set of richly detailed and nicely textured wings and a magnificent Orc King-rider, true worthy of such a beast. The rider sits proud on his beast ready for leading his army into battle and he is spiced up with classic (and characteristic) Pickford facial details sculpted on the saddle, armour and shield.

So the true history is, that John did make a Dragon and he even tried having it moulded and cast up in association with Wargames Foundry. Moulding of the dragon body and rider had been successful, but the wings proved difficult and took quite some damage - and no successful cast was ever made. A master cast and the damaged wings was returned to John - probably with the intention of being re-sculpted, but it never happened.

A master cast and the damaged wings have kindly been donated to the Wiki by John Pickford.

Dragon body and rider

Dragon Wings

Other Orcs

Conceptual Black Orcs (Wargames Foundry)

Promotional Orc Shaman with Goblin Slaves (Wargames Foundry)

Demonic/Mutant Orc face plate

Sci-Fi Ork (Spork)

In 2011 John Pickford build a complete Sci-Fi Pig-faced Ork range (Sporks) for Wargames Foundry, but the range is still unreleased. As a special personal gift John build me this Spork, which is based on the same concepts as the original Foundry ones.


Evil Barbarian

This miniature here is a conversion done by John on one of the Foundry - Others Foundry Evil Barbarians. John wasn't overly pleased with the original antler-helmet look, and did this conversion. The conversion never made it into any production stage (@Wargames Foundry) - and is now part om my private collection.


Female Druid

  1. This female is an early Pickford piece. The miniature was mastered by Foundry but was never produced by them. The painted sample is from Bernard Lewis' personal collection.

Creatures, imps and familiars

Ogre face (Otherworld Miniatures cut-off)

This ogre face is a WIP version 1 from an Otherworld Ogre. The face was cut of, but was saved and deserves a place here due to all the fine details.

Sci-Fi Stormtrooper