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In 2020 OSM began planning a coming release of Goblins starting with Goblin Wolf Riders. John has build a set of dolls for this project. Jamie has kindly allowed me having an almost complete prototype set.

Goblin Wolf Riders

Initial Greens


Further developments



Larger Demon

This awesome piece has no release date yet, but OSM showed off this magnificent larger demon on their facebook-page back in May 2022.

Wip 20220321
Wip 20220513

OSM Specials

Eric the Space Dwarf

In 2017, John turned the OSM logo space dwarf 'Eric' into a Signature Miniature

Orc Artisan and Muse

This little diorama set was made as prize for the 2020 Painting Challenge helt at Facebook but also availbale for purchase at the Old School Miniatures store.



Christmas Special

OSM has started a nice tradition of a Christmas Special miniature. In 2019 it was an Christmas supply dog. A lovely conversion of Bernie the Sankt Bernard from the Alpine Dwarf range. With this Christmas special Bernie brings some welcome supplies for the ski dwarfs.

Old School Shields

OSM has a growing range of different shields sculpted by John and shaped for old school war gaming.

Shields with Holes

Shields with faces

Dwarf shields

Another Kickstarter from 2021. This time: "Dwarfs need protection - metal shields for oldhammer Dwarfs" An initially set of 5 dwarf themed shields

Dragon shields

Shield Aid - Sarcoidosis Night Goblin - charity figure

In 2019 Jamie was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. To raise money for SarcoidosisUK - a charity for research and support of Sarcoidosis suffers in the UK - Jamie founded Shield Aid on Facebook - where the miniatures hobby community has been sculpting faces to the many blank shields John has done for OSM. Shield Aid will raise funds by selling these faced shields. As an extra charity piece John did a Night Goblin Standard Bearer miniature, too.