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Another project that started out as a Bottom's Up project by selling "tickets" to members in exchange for master casts. This project from 2020 gave us a set of 3 different Giants with multiple heads and weapon options. All made to complement the old Citadel C28 Giants series. I March 2021 the production was funded via the successful Kickstarter campaign "Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of a little dwarf".

Giant no. 1 - 3


Prototype and production





Kickstarter stretched goals

The 4" Giant

This planned 4" giant is based on excellent art by Mathew Street. The giant ended up being an impressive 6" tall piece. Jamie has explained why on FB on 30th november 2021: "People following the giant Kickstarter may be curious why the giant is so tall, almost a third taller than was initially planned, well we were just as confused. We finally asked John why, and it was a silly typo that gave us a GIANT rather than a Giant, 105mm vs 150mm. We are very happy about those two misplaced digits and we hope you love him as much as we do!"


OSM Giant - Larger Giant=

Two-headed giant

This giant conversion of the Giant 1 body turning it into a two-headed giant.


Two-headed Giant

An armoured two headed giant, supplied with a random pick of 4 heads and 2 weapons (see those sections)

Fourth body and two heads


Giant no. 4

The 4th Giant body is supplied with the 2 new heads and random picked 2 weapons (see that section)

Giant in a cart

As it was said during the KS campaign: - and "If you guys go mad we will get a cart with a giant riding in it - check WHFB Giant desription". And it did and we got it.


Giant in a Cart