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The Judge Dredd univers are Rebellion and 2000AD IP. Till November 2016 Fro 2010-2016 Mongoose Publishing held the rights to bring Judge Dredd and the 2000AD spin-offs to your war gaming table. 

Mongoose published their "Judge Dredd Miniatures Game" in 2010 and have supported it with ace a range of 28mm highly detailed miniature.

In 2012 Mongoose ran a Kickstarter: "Judge Dredd Miniatures Game: Block War" to boost the game with a new supplement. Lot's of new boxes got funded during the campaign, but took a very long time delivering.

In 2013 Warlord Games took over production and distribution of the Judge Dredd miniatures game.

In November 2016 the Mongoose license expired and the miniatures went out-of-production (OOP) meaning that rather few of the Kickstarted boxes and blisters never got a proper release.

From 2015 and till it all ended in 2016 John Pickford was sculpting some of the miniatures in the range. Many of them are hard finding due to loosing the license.

Judge Dredd

The Justice Department

Street Judge with Stub Gun

Banshee Driver Judge


Brit-Cit Justice Department

Beat Judge with Bumf Gun

Female Beat Judge

Para Squad Judge

Cal-Hab Judges

Cal-Hab Judge with two-handed sword

Probably unreleased

Cal-Hab Judge on Iron Lion

Probably unreleased

The Ape Gang - Orangutan with bazooka

Un-seen but confirmed. Unreleased.

East Meg Invasion Force - Female Sov Judge

Probably unreleased.

ABC Warriors


Deadlock and Happy Shrapnel


Happy Shrapnel

Nero Narcos

Didn't get an official release and were only available to Kickstarter backers

Zombie Bikers

Only available for Kickstarter backers. Only the riders are by John Pickford, though