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Jon Boyce aka "Axiom"("Exoditejon") is the guy behind Pickford sculpt like the Gaming Cantina event miniatures (the Bodyguard Lizard Centaur and Howling Banshee), the TFF Legacy Team miniatures, BeastFace Miniatures, Colony 87 and the BOYL specials but that's not enough, no! To personalize his miniatures collection Jon has commissioned John doing him personal stuff. I've been allow an insight into many of these projects and will show them on here.

You can follow Axiom's classic miniature adventure at Magpie and Old Lead


Axiom is also an enthusiastic miniatures collector and to fill out a hold in an old existing range John Pickford did him this little cat.

Eldar Casualty[]

When the Centaur was converted into the Fantasy Football variant, Axiom it (the casualty Eldar) turned into a separate casualty miniature and cast in resin for his personal use. Axiom have kindly let me have a copy of this.

Eldar Heads - for 54mm scaled miniatures[]

When doing the Female Banshee in 2011 John also did "Axiom" a few heads for 54mm scaled Sci Fi Elves/Eldar.

Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) - specials[]

To bring flavour to his games Jon likes to personalize them and make small surprises.

Baby Grox[]

At the Oldhammer event "Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) 2017" Axiom/Jon (@Magpie and Old Lead) ran a little Grox herding game. A Grox is an alien creature out of the 40K Rogue Trader lore. It's described as a large reptilian creature, but like any larger reptiles, it start out small. So, as a little participation-token, Axiom have had John making this wonderful little Grox coming out of it's egg

The Astropaths (a collaboration piece)[]

Another piece that showed up during "Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) 2017". Here, Axiom/Jon (@Magpie and Old Lead) presented a little diorama set by John of 4 Astropaths with inspiration taken from a 1568 painting by the Netherlandish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder called "De parabel der blinden" (Or more well-known "The Blind Leading the Blind") and a more modern piece by David Stafford lifting the famous classic scene into the 40th Millennium - or 40K ;)

David's art piece

Helmawr gang[]

Fan sculpts made for Axiom's Necromunda campaign based on old Whith Dwarf Confontration articles and inspired by a lovely Helmawr sculpt by Jess Goodwin.

Male ganger[]

Female ganger[]

Lone Wolf conversion set[]

These are conversion bits mad for Jon's private project making his Citadel C41 Lone Wolf Guardsmen unique.