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Iron Mask Miniatures is another historic fantasy miniature project. It's goal is to develop a range of swashbuckling adventurers for RPGs, dungeon crawling, and skirmish war games. But also plan to have core troops made that can be used to build units for massed battles.

Painted concept 1

proof-of-concept figures painted by the talented Terry Matheny of Sword and Palette.

The project has been inspired by White Knights Renaissance Dwarfs so no real surprise that the project had to involve Multi-part Specialist John Pickford.

First wave of miniatures was a range of swashbuckling dwarf duelists modelled after the legendary King’s Musketeers of 17th Century France. A set of figures armed with rapier and gauche daggers.

This first wave was successfully funded in a Kickstarter Campaign in August 2013 - [1]

In 2015 they went to Kickstarter again. The 2 wave project was all about mounted musketeers - [2]

Most of the miniatures in this one are based on artwork produced by Colin Upton

In October 2016 they ran a 3rd Kickstarter, the Iron Mask Miniatures Dwarf Musketeers: the Forlorn Hope with the aim to help you build units of dwarf musketeers, pikemen and halberdiers for your rank and file wargames. Unfortunately, I've never received my pledge for this one, so I can't show you much of these, but I've stated what I know of in a separate Forlorn Hope section and a few pictures of what I have seen around (mainly in the Kickstarter itself).



Master Casts

Dwarf Musketeers

DM Dwarf Musketeer Duelist

Each pack of figures includes 4 bodies and either DMH1 Rapiers and Daggers 1 or DMH2 Rapiers and Daggers 2. (see "Hands" section)

DM1 Dwarf Musketeer Duelist (A, B and C) - Bodies with separate heads

There are 3 different set of heads for these dwarfs.

DM2-DM4 Dwarf Musketeer Duelist - Integral heads

As opposed to the headless first wave dualists these conversions have integral heads with long hair and beards. DM2 an DM3 were part of the first Iron Maske Kickstarter. DM4 is comprised of long-bearded duelist with integral heads and includes two bare-headed variants. DM4 was first seen in the second Kickstarter campaign.




MDM Mounted Dwarf Musketeers

Each pack of figures includes 4 bodies, 4 ponies (DMP-1) and DMH3 Heavy Rapiers (see "Hands" section)

MDM1 - Mounted Dwarf Musketeers - Bodies with separate heads (A, B and C)

Comes with one pack of heads identical with the heads from the DM1 Musketeers (on foot)

Art work

Miniatures release


MDM2-MDM4 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers

These are sculpted with integral heads, ensuring that the flow of hair and beard properly conform to each pose and costume. There are 12 variants with full beards and long hair, some wearing wigs in the fashion of 17th Century gentlemen.

MDM2 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers with Cavalier Hats

MDM3 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers Assorted hats

MDM4 Mounted Dwarf Musketeers Hats and bare heads

DMH Dwarf Musketeers Hands

As standard the Musketeers comes with rapiers, but other hands have been made available for personalizing the range.

DMH1 Rapiers and Daggers

DMH2 Rapiers and Daggers

DMH3 Heavy Rapiers

DMH4 Pistols and empty hands

DMH5 Special hands

DMH6 Special hands #2

DMH7 Pistols

DMH8 Muskets and Firelocks

Forlorn Hope

DMH9 Command Accessories

Forlorn Hope


Concept art

The concept art work done by talented Colin Upton

Ogres - Greens

Ogres - Master casts

Main bodies


Hands and other bits

CGS-1 Cardinal’s Guard Ogres

The Ogres are also available individually in specific builds as:

CGO-1 d'Ossau the Duelist

CGO-2 Puigmal the Pistolier

CGO-3 de Soularac the Sentry

CGO-4 Puig Carlit the Dense

Special Character Dwarf in the Iron Mask

SC1 Kickstarter Special Dwarf in the Iron Mask

The Iron Mask Kickstater was a limited production run for Kickstarter backers only. Each figure was packed with a card-sized reproduction of the Dwarf in the Iron Mask concept art, individually numbered and signed by the artist, Colin Upton. The number you got depended on the order in which pledges was received.

Work in proces

The finished Kickstarter Figure

Miniature certificate

Other Special Characters

All these characters here were all stretch goals from the Kickstarter Campaign. Some of these were only concepts for Kickstarter stretched goals but was later immortalized by John Pickford.

SC2 Dwarf Cardinal

SC2M Mounted Cardinal

SC3 Dwarf King

SC4 The Vaguely-Ratlike M Roquefort

SC5 Milady de l'elfe

SC6 Jussac the Ogre Captain

Original Jussac (Mk. I) - greens

Jussac Mk. I

This here is one of the surviving masters of the MK. I version. The final version has a separate plume-piece.

Jussac (Mk. II) - greens

Due to casting issues (the plumes on the Hat) Jussac had to be changed slightly. Only changes made where to the hat, though. This Mk. II is the final Jussac version.

Jussac Mk. II

SC7 Dartleby Onion

SC7M Mounted Dart Onion

SC8 Planchet

SC9 Constance

SC10 The Dwarf Queen

SC11 KS Limited-edition Basile le Fou mounted and dismounted

Special edtion miniature for the second Kickstarter.

Mounted Basile le Fou

Basile le Fou on foot

SC12 Senior Officer

See Forlorn Hope

SC13 Halfling Drummer

See Forlorn Hope

Kickstarter Add on - bits

A stretched goal from the first Kickstarter was a selection of special dwarf duelist hands. two sets totalling twelve hands holding various objects. 2 of them (crossbow and lantern) where released with the Dwarf in the Iron Mask. The other 10 are: bomb, tankard closed, tankard open, hat, goblet, pipe, scroll, torch, lace handkerchief, and bottle. As one of these hands was a "holding hat" a bear head had to be done. Ended up being a set of 4 new heads. Also made where 6 new heavy rapiers. All based on the original designs but reinforced to make them stronger. After the Kickstarter they were available as separate duelist (DM1C) and as hands (DMH 3-6).


Forlorn Hope Kickstarter

This is mainly accessories adding new bits to the range so you can build armed units. New bodies, heads, hands etc. The core of this release was comprised of musketeers on the battlefield: advancing, at the ready, firing, and loading. As I said earlier, I have not received my pledge for this one, so unfortunately I cant show you the miniatures but you will find them all in here: Iron Mask - how to get some

Musket troops - Firing line

The firing line includes figures both kneeling and standing. 4 miniatures in each pack.

FH01 Firing I

FH02 Firing II

FH03 At the ready

FH04 Loading

FH05 Advancing I

FH06 Advancing II

FH07 Standing

FH08 Veteran Firelock Company

FH09 Veteran Firelock Company Reinforcements

The reinforcements include a bearded officer/ensign, a grisly sergeant, two marksmen in poses only available in this set. This pack also includes the SC13 Halfling Drummer - see further down.


The pike-armed dwarves are standing, at the ready, and advancing. 4 miniatures in each pack.

FH11 Pikemen standing

FH12 Pikemen At the ready

FH13 Pikemen Advancing


Same as pikemen but with halberds :) 4 miniatures in each pack.

FH14 Halberdier Standing

FH15 Halberdier the ready

FH16 Halberdier Advancing

FH20 Regimental Command

The Regimental Command pack includes 2 Officers that can be modeled as standard-bearers or troop captains, a Sergeant with halberd, and a Sergeant holding his separately cast spontoon or halberd horizontally. These are using the DMH-9 Hands.

MDM5 Mounted Pickets

4 miniatures in each pack.

MDM6 Mounted Escorts

4 miniatures in each pack.

SC12 Senior Officer

SC13 Halfling Drummer

Other Stuff

These might have been Kickstarter exclusives, as I can not find them at the Iron Mask Miniatures-site

DMP-2 Ponies with saddles

These saddled ponies are not for use with the Mounted Dwarf Musketeer riders (which have saddle and stirrups sculpted on). Their primary use is to serve as waiting mounts for dismounted riders. I can not find them at their site, though.

Dwarf Musketeer artillery accessories

An accessory-sprue done by Gary himself. Only talked of at the Kickstarter, but I can't find them at their site.

DMH8 Muskets and Accessories

A hand set including a right hands with muskets, left hands with musket rests, and stand-alone muskets and musket rests. Only talked of at the Kickstarter, as I can't find them at their site.