John Pickford has done a few pieces that has been released by Hasslefree Miniatures in their old White Metal range but also the greenskins found in the Twisted Tales-line. All these are now with Shortwars

HFW001 Hasslefree Goblin Queen Diorama - OOP ¹

HFW002 Dave the Goblin

HFTT Twisted Tales

Originally done for Sjoerd Trouwee's Twisted Tales project back in 2005, but the full Twisted Tales range was acquired by Hasslefree Miniatures in 2008, when Sjoerd decided to step down from the project. You'll also find the miniatures at the Twisted Tales page.

Goblin Pulling Pot / Gordon, Angry Goblin Chef Swinging a Pot

Hot pot is actually sculpted by Sjoerd Trouwee.



1) The Goblin Queen Diorama was an entry for the 2005 FU UK! Sculpting Contest: "Female miniatures... that women would buy". Find out more at the Various Sculpting Compatition Entries