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GoblinAid is a project launched by Ian 'Geronimo' Brumby (of Fenris Games) and Jon 'Dags' Atter (cat-herder for the Frothers Charity projects) to raise funds for Kev Adams to help in his recovery.

On March 20th 2013 Kev Adams was brutally assaulted during a robbery at his home. A Facebook page was soon set up for gamers to share news and coordinate some help for Kev - the "mission" was named GoblinAid

Within days some of the finest sculptors in the business had volunteered to sculpt goblin miniatures that could be sold to help the cause. With further additions from amateur and professional sculptors alike the number of charity sculpts has grown to over two dozen. And the kind people at Ral Partha Europe (RPE) volunteered to bring these figures into production with all profits going direct to Kev himself.

John also contibuted to this project and he made a rather wonderful "Gobbomobile" - a steam punky rocket car thingy. At RPE the miniature was named The Green Baron and could be found here in: "Pack One - the Riders"

You can see and read a lot more about the mission at the GoblinAid Facebook page

Later on, the miniature got picked up by RPE - Ral Partha Europe


RPE Blister Pack - GA24 John Pickford's The Green Baron[]