The Gaming Cantina

The Gaming Cantina was a gaming club that for a long time ran a Campaign called 'Eldritch Port' and each year "Axiom" did a event only miniature for them - some of them where mad by John Pickford.

Female Eldar Howling Banshee (2011)

A limited edition miniature done by John for a The Gaming Cantina in 201. The miniature picture a female eldar character to be used in a Howling Banshee squad. Only 50 copies were made - but due to a friendly soul, I succeeded getting myself a copy.

Zoat carrying an Eldar Casualty (2012)

Another limited miniature done by John for the Gaming Cantina. The 2012 miniature is a Zoat (a fantasy race of centaur-like lizard creatures) carrying an Eldar Casualty. The miniature, including the base, will be cast in resin and like the 2011 miniature it will be limited to 50 copies and given to the people attending the 2012 Eldritch Port-event.

Work in Process (WIP)

"Axiom"/"Exoditejon" has been kind enough letting me follow the project up close and have shared all John's WIP shots during the process with me. With the courtesy of "Axiom" I'm allowed to bring you the pictures from the process.

Zoat Bodyguard

Eldar Casualty

When the Centaur was converted into the Fantasy Football variant, Axiom it (the casualty Eldar) turned into a separate casualty miniature and cast in resin for his personal use. Axiom have kindly let me have a copy of this.

54mm Eldar Heads

When doing the Female Banshee in 2011 John also did "Axiom" a few heads for 54mm scaled Sci Fi Elves/Eldar.

Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL)

Baby Grox

At the Oldhammer event "Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) 2017" Axiom (@Magpie and Old Lead) ran a little Grox herding game. A Grox is an alien creature out of the 40K Rogue Trader lore. It's described as a large reptilian creature, but like any larger reptiles, it start out small. So, as a little participation-token, Axiom have had John making this wonderful little Grox coming out of it's egg