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In 2020 a few mosters from the Otherworld Miniatures range got released by Dragon Bait Miniatures. In their "The Boxer Rebellion, Nine Kung-fu style Turtle Adventurers!" Kickstarter Campaign four Otherworld monsters (of which two were made by John. The other two were the DM27a - Cockatrice I (Andrew May) and the DM29 Cerepod (George Fairlamb)).

In Dragon Bait's store you can also find the Dark Fable Miniatures range in a special "Dark Fable Archive" section of the store. In the fantasy section you'll find the monsters Dark Fable purchased but became unavailable after the death of Dr. Michael T Burns.

Monster Bait

Wandering Monster Fun Pack

The four acquired OW monster miniatures got released in resin and assembled in a "Fun pack" (box) and includes: Otyugh, Greck, Bullette and Cockatrice.


Named "WE22 Landshark" when it was under Otherworld Miniatures' ownership.


Named "Otygugh" at Dragon Bait, but most likely a typo.

A new resin version of the old metal Otherworld Miniatures DM22 - Otyugh

The Dark Fable Archive

See Dark Fable Miniatures for more about these.

DFF053 Mimic (2)

F53. Roper