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Devil Inside Production is a new company with a mission of creating a range of 28mm classic demons and other denizens of Hell ready to be summon into your homes and eventually bring out a board game to support their line of Demons & Denizens. The company ran it's first "Hell Awaits" Kickstarter campaign back in september 2017. Second wave, February 2018, included a Kali Goddess sculpted by John, and the third campaign, May 2018, will include Baal, the first King of Hell - but I've heard that 3 more sculpts by John is in the works.

The Hell Awaits miniatures comes with an art print. By courtesy by Devil Inside Production I'm allowed to show Gordon Napier's artwork (edited by Xipe) in here as well.

All miniatures are cast by Hysterical Games. The miniatures are mainly single piece miniatures and cast in resin with metal bits.

You'll find Devil Inside Productions @

Hell Awaits

Wave 2

Kali, Goddess

"You'd be forgiven for being wary of Kali upon setting eyes on her, but despite her somewhat gruesome appearance, wearing a necklace of human skulls and a skirt of severed arms, along with her vicious, violent acts including drinking the blood of her victims, the Goddess Kali is often thought of as more of a Demon killer and it's actually other Demons who should be more wary of her rather than humans, for whom she'll often gladly do the bidding for (although certainly not always). Either way, this is one powerful entity not to be messed with, no matter which form she currently portrays." (Note "Hell Awaits... Wave 2"

Wave 3

Baal, Frist King of Hell

"Baal, the First King of Hell is, as his title suggests, a lofty, powerful Demon appearing as either a Cat, Toad, Man, or usually all three morphed together atop a spider's body. Perhaps thankfully, he is an expert of invisibility and can grant this to others along with other wisdom he's amassed over eternity. Despite this, Baal is definitely more towards the darker end of Hell's scale, with among other things, human sacrifice being committed in his name, which is more rare than might be expected when it comes to Demons. Write the second section of your page here." (Note "Hell Awaits... Wave 3")

Wave 4


Ancient Canaanite Demon associated with child sacrifice.






Xipe Totec

Aztec Deity, the 'Flayed One'



Wave 7


Aztec God of the dead and the King of Mictlan.

Fantasy Football

Devil inside Productions ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign called: "Hell's Minion" about creating a demonic Fantasy Football team. For this campaign the Hell Awaits... - wave 4 Behemoth was converted into an Ogre for the team. Actually into two different ogres with an upgrade for 4 additional heads to be release. The campaign never came to be but the "ogre" made it into the Hell Awaits... - wave 4 campaign and finally got a prober release with all head variants.

Ogre greens

Fantasy Football Ogres

Head variants

Game token

John also sculpted this awesome token to be used in a FF game.