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In Kevin Dallimore's Painting and Modelling Guide Masterclass [[[ISBN 190154320X]]], p. 117 you could find a painted sample of the Aquizalor Slayer of Souls long before its official release. Aquizalor was one of quite a few Demons John did for Froundry, but stayed unreleased for several years (Miniatures was sculpted back in 2007/2008). But now (2012) most of the Demons are out and can be found here at: Wargames Foundry

DM005 - Golztariusbous The Ever Turning

A mystery. It was listed as part of the Demon deal, but wasn't included and has never been seen. Based on the price (double the rest of them) it suggested some sort of Greater Demon. But the price-tag could simply be wrong.

In July 2017 at the Oldhammer event "Bring out your Lead (BOYL 2017)" held at Wargames Foundry an unreleased Pickford demon was shown in a mould. Marcus Ansell named it as "the missing demon". David "Dear Tony Blair" Wood didn't hesitate and took pictures of the mould and miniature - and have kindly let me present them here. I've sent them to John and he has confirmed it could be the missing code - though his reply was "a few like that were made" - so perhaps it came with some helpers.

In August 2017 I received a master cast from the exact mould presented down here

The mysterious DM005 - Golztariusbous The Ever Turning

The great find - BOYL 2017

DM005 - Golztariusbous The Ever Turning

DM006 - Demtarous Despoiler Of The Dead

DM007 - Aquizalor Slayer Of Souls

DM008 - Blaquevousled The Bringer Of Terror

DM009 - Dagloritous The Deciever And Alotherup The Avenger

DM010 - Slauchzaritour The Succubus

DM011 - Flarthousoussedon The Terror From Above

DM012 - Prudent Phouslerzaterlone Keeper Of The Dead

Greater Demon/Demon Prince

When John is speaking of his demon range one miniature is standing above them all - the greater demon. A 6" tall creature with a wingspan of perhaps another 6". Unfortunately, the demon hasn't been released .... yet! But Foundry have kindly photographed this huge beast, and in July 2017 at the Oldhammer event "Bring out your Lead (BOYL 2017)" held at Wargames Foundry Maria Ansell showed off the three head variants it came with. Again h[ttp:// David "Dear Tony Blair" Wood] is the man to thank for documenting this historic moment.

And by the courtesy of David Wood [1] I can show you this, cause at Salute 2018 (South London Warlords) this poster showed up. I really like the "coming soon" words here :)

Greater Demon coming soon poster