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With the big "clean up" at Otherworld Miniatures in 2018 many of the discontinued Otherworld Miniatures found new owners. A few of them got picked up by Dark Fable Miniatures.

Sadly, Dr. Michael T Burns (owner of Dark Fable Miniatures) passed away July 2020, but the miniatures seems to be picked up by Dragon Bait Miniatures - and most have been re-released as "Dark Fable Archive miniatures" @Dragon Bait.

F16. Mimic Treasure Chests

These Mimics had no official release at Otherworld Miniatures (see Un-released stuff). The Mimics are based on one of the Large Treasure Chests I sculpted by Paul Muller but later converted by John P into these Mimics.

F20. Roper

Previously with Otherworld Miniatures as DM20 - Roper.

F33. Rust Monsters (2)

Previously with Otherworld Miniatures as DM18 - Rust Monsters.