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Down here you will find the initial greens I had made 2012 and a few odds and ends, but on the other pages you can see how the range grew during the years, in trying to building a proper army. Do return to the index-page to see.

Initial greens/prototypes

The approved set

Master casting






Other bits and bobs

During the project a few things has been moulded but never really used for anything (unreleased).


During the project a few more shield items were moulded but not really made available.

Initial sculpts

Evil faces

Knight shield

John had to redo one of the knights shield - the "arrow star" as he found it to small. I was give the greens for it and it also got mastered.

Plug-in crossbow

As you can read about here: Warriors with crossbows, I'd asked John doing me an alternative Crossbow for my old Citadel 3rd edt. Chaos Dwarfs. As John and I share the same passion for the Marauder Miniatures Chaos Dwarfs, John instinctive had the MM90 Crossbowmen in his mind and also knew that the separate crossbow was often lost, so with permission from White Knight, he converted one of his "comparable Marauder Miniatures dwarf crossbows" into a Chaos plug-in crossbow for the MM90/5B.

Not really what I had asked for, but to good not to have cast. So here it is:




The crossbow sitting on a Marauder miniature Chaos Dwarf (MM90/5B)

Skull head

A conversion of a "core warrior with hand weapons and shield" Skull head, done by CLAM. The head is mastered but "unreleased".