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Ewal Dvergar Index

My own little private miniature venture.

After seeing what John did for White Knight (the dwarfs with all the multi part options) an old dream was brought back to life. Been hunting down all kinds of Evil looking dwarves over the years and having build a rather large collection of them, I sat out to create my own range. John has brought my dream to life.

So I've tried to build a range of dark, sinister and vicious dwarves that I called: The Ewal Dvergar.

However, in 2021 I made a deal with Oldschool Miniatures (OSM) regarding taking over sale and distribution of my Ewal Dvergar range. Britxit and rising prices has made it almost impossible continuing.

To complete the transfer OSM ran a Kickstarter getting them into full production including plans for expanding the range. The campaign was successfully funded back in 31th March 2022 and all were released in 2023.

You can follow the early project here, at: The Clam Miniature Adventure

Down here you will find the initial greens I had made 2012 and a few odds and ends, but on the following pages you can see how the range grew during the years, trying to building a proper army.