Collecting John Pickford Wiki

Conceptual artwork for the Bum Cannon drawn by John

Project 1 - Daemon Cannon

The idea sprung up on Facebook creating an updated version of the infamous Ass Cannon (Siege Cannon) by Citadel Miniatures. By group effort Matthew Dunn succeeded funding the initial costs for having the beast build. In August 2016 those people received yheir prototypes.

Later in 2016, Matthew Dunn and Jamie Loft created a small company (called Old School Miniatures) and took the project to Kickstarter. The project was successfully funded on November 1st 2016 and now available from The OS Miniatures Company.

Conceptual art work by John Pickford



The Demon Cannon



3 identical bodies, 3 heads and different tools

Project 2 - Chaos Dwarf Baggage Train

Again, a project that sprung from the Bottom's Up group that help funding the original sculpt. Jamie then took it to Kickstarter and project successfully funded November 2018.

Conceptual art work

Work in process and final greens

Bottom's up prototype

Baggage train



Extra - human prisoner, extra baggage and shield

Project 3 - Giants

This project from 2020 gave us a set of 3 different Giants with multiple heads and weapon options. All made to complement the old Citadel C28 Giants series.