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Mr. Bernard Lewis, a great hobbyist and former employee of Wargames Foundry (now working for Warlord Games), has allowed me sharing the pictures of his huge collection of Foundry Giant Hill Trolls and his painted Otherworld Giant.

Bernard has used some wonderful colours for his army - and if you look carefully you'd see some very nice little tweaks and conversions in there as well.

In this gallery there are currently 19 painted classic Hill Trolls, a heavily converted four armed troll used as proxy for a mutated Minotaur and a Otherworld Giant

Wargames Foundry Giant Hill Trolls

Huge Giant Hill Trolls unit

10 Trolls strong unit incl command.

Giant Hill Trolls throwing stuff

Unified Giant Hill Trolls

Mutated Giant Hill Troll (Four-armed Beastman/Minotaur proxy)

Otherworld Giant