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Bring Out Your Lead (B.O.Y.L) is the annual gaming event that brings together the best of the tabletop retrogaming community held at Wargames Foundry in Newark. To read more visit the official B.O.Y.L-blog and Wargames Foundry's Oldhammer page.

Like other Miniature-events BOYL has it's own "event-miniatures" made. Some of them has been done by John.

B.O.Y.L 2017



I 2017 the miniature was "Olivia" - based on original 40K Rogue Trader artwork. The commemorative figure was sculpted by John Pickford.

B.O.Y.L 2018


Null Steersman

2018 saw John creating a Null Steersman taking the mysterious unreleased Citadel Nuln Spearman (F-series) into the 40.000 millennium.

B.O.Y.L 2019


Female Dwarf Highwayman

In 2019 John was commissioned doing a female dwarf Highwayman. The miniature is made as a kind of tribute to the old Mordheim Game from Games Workshop.